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4/10/2018: We have been praying for Debby Huesman’s mom, Johnnie Miller. After talking with the doctors, the family decided yesterday to turn off life support. Johnnie passed yesterday evening.
4/10/2018: Jule (Goldie and Opal’s sister in Hendersonville) passed away yesterday. Goldie and Opal have traveled down there for the service.
4/10/2018: Benny Stephens had surgery this morning and is doing well.
4/10/2018: Please keep Bob Jent and family in your prayers as well. Bob is in the final stages and could pass at any time. He is still in Hospice care.
3/16/2018: Justin Clark’s Dad, Kent, has been sick all week with the stomach flu and has been having bad cramps the last day or so. He went to ER today and they did a CAT scan and found a bowel obstruction. They have admitted him tonight at St. Francis and are talking about surgery. 
3/16/2018: Randy Sowder’s surgery went well and he is home recovering. The tear was larger than they thought but they were able to repair it.