Faint-Hearted Faith

Faint-Hearted Faith
by Ronnie Hewitt

From the ends of the earth I call to You, I call as my heart grows faint;
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  Psalm 61:2
Sometimes it seems like you are a million miles away from Jesus.  It’s as if He’s doing big business on the other side of the world in Africa, India, and China.  Your small concerns seem trivial in the big scheme of our Savior’s strategy.  As in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25), your Master has left you to faithfully manage His stuff while He has gone away.  However, you grow impatient, bored; even faint-hearted from fear and/or fatigue.  You wonder if faithfulness to your heavenly Father is really worth the effort; and you question the cause and your calling.  It was exciting when you first started on this journey of faith, but now it is unfocused and uncertain.  You may become melancholy or depressed. 
Your heart may grow faint without the fire of fresh faith.  Left unchecked, a crevice of concern can become a canyon of crisis between you and Christ.  Life may have backed you onto a fearful ledge and you are paralyzed for fear of falling.  However, now is the time to grab hold of the Lord’s arm for stability.  Even when you are on the verge of despair, God is there.  No spot is too dreary or condition too deplorable.  Even in life-or-death situations, prayer is available. 
Prayer helps you plow through heaven’s portal in the midst of your trials.  You may be experiencing provocation from insensitive souls.  An undiagnosed illness that saps your energy may be gnawing on your nerves.  Your faithfulness goes unnoticed and unrewarded, which perplexes you.  You may be overwhelmed because of your total lack of control over the cruel circumstance to which you wake up every morning.  One or all of these trials may be smothering your heart. 
Because your heart is faint, it is unable to pump the blood of belief to the extremities of your faith.  Your eyes are moist with tears.  It’s okay to cry.  Cry out to Christ, for it is heaven’s substitute for spiritual speech.  God is the center of life, hope, love, and joy.  Christ is the spiritual cardiologist for your suffering heart.  Look to the Lord to lead you into His next steps as He guides you to higher ground. 
God wants to lead you from survival to revival.  A revival initiated by the Holy Spirit brings new life to lethargic faith.  Lean into the Lord and lean on the Lord during these lean times.  Christ carries you to His tower of truth to renew your mind and revive your heart.  Move away from the ledge of illegitimate longings and move toward your trustworthy Lord.  You lean into Him for grace upon grace.  You ask Him to embolden your beliefs.  Climb up with Christ while your heart pumps the blood of bold belief.  Above all else, you are faith-hearted, not faint-hearted when you journey with Jesus.  Your trust in Him is a strong tower against your foes.