Lack of Faith

by Wisdom Hunter Devotional
And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith. (Matthew 13:58)
Jesus blesses faith. There is no doubt about it; faith matters. There is a direct correlation between our faith in God and His responsiveness. He, of course, can do anything, and He is willing to do big things on your behalf. But, He is looking for faith. He is searching for men and women with big vision, because big vision reflects a big God. We serve a large Lord who deserves a giant vision fueled by great faith. Sometimes, we mope around as if God has lost control and Christianity is hurling into irrelevance. Granted, the church has become sterile in some sectors of the world, but where faith is alive the church is on fire. Christ will not contain His blessings where He discovers followers who live by faith. God blesses belief.
Your faith expands when it remains set on the Faithful One. Your focus on Jesus enlarges your view into eternity. As with the disciples, He is your rabbi (John 1:38). The dust from His feet flies back in your face as you follow Him. It marks you with His character and confidence. You are a Jesus-follower by faith. Therefore, be bold in your belief. He is the one who has called you to this eternal endeavor, and He is the one who will pull it off.
Keep your motives pure by glorifying Him. Expand your vision of what He wants you to do by tenfold, maybe a hundredfold. Do not sell your Savior short. Why settle for a few who might find Christ, when you can trust God for hundreds, even thousands who will grace the gates of glory because you believed in a big way. Your huge faith in your heavenly Father is what matters most. Moreover, He will move on to someone else if you are not available to be used unconditionally.
So, don’t let the eternal leverage of the Lord pass you by. Flush from your faith any motives of control and, with an open hand, trust God to take His vision wherever He likes. An unleashed vision has limitless possibilities. Fuel your God-goal with big belief. Give Him your five loaves and two fish of ability (Mark 6:38-44). Watch Him pray over it and bless it bountifully and beautifully. Christ is not challenged by circumstances, and your Savior may be just getting started with you.
Furthermore, don’t leave any faith on the table of distrust. He will accomplish a greater vision through a humble, broken, and believing vessel. Eternity accepts no excuses. So trust and be amazed at what the Almighty accomplishes through you. You lose only if you lack faith. Therefore, be one who believes hugely in Him. Miracles matter to your Master, because He manufactures them by faith. God’s industry is all about doing the impossible. Faith facilitates the miraculous.