My Beloved

by Ronnie Hewitt
Song of Solomon 7:10, “I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.”
The thing about our lives, and something that most people never grasp, is the fact that each one of us were created for intimacy with God, and for this purpose you were rescued from sin and death. In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul lets us in on a little secret: you’ve been more than noticed. God has pursued you from eternity to this very moment. He has had you in mind since before the foundations of the world. And He has loved you before the beginning of time, has come for you, and now calls you to journey toward Him and with Him.
The above passage said, 1) “I belong to my beloved…” These are the words of the church, strongly expressing the assurance of faith she had of her union to Christ, and her interest in Him. She realizes she is no longer her own but belongs entirely to Him. The song we sing around here speaks of this as well. “I am mine no more…I’ve been bought with blood; I am mine no more.” 2) “And His desire is for me.” This phrase not only signifies the marital relationship of the church to Christ, He being her husband, and she His wife, the desire of His eyes, as a wife is called (Ezek. 24:16); but takes in the whole care and concern of Christ for her, as her husband; who sympathizes with her under all her distresses; protects her from all dangers and enemies; and provides everything necessary for her, now through all eternity. Some commentators render the words, “seeing His desire is towards me;” therefore, she expresses her faith in Him, and gives up herself to Him.
I pray you receive a fresh revelation of His heart toward you.