Please Stay

by Phil Ware,

When [the Samaritans] came out to see him, they begged him to stay in their village. So he stayed for two days, long enough for many more to hear his message and believe. — John 4:40-41

Key Thought:

In other instances, some people who saw the powerful work of Jesus in the lives of those they knew asked him to leave. Others tried to take that power and use it selfishly for themselves. Some, like the people in this village, asked him to stay longer so they could know him more completely. God’s messengers often find each of these same basic reactions to their message about Jesus — fearful rejection, selfish misappropriation, or a yearning for more of Jesus. Which is your reaction? Do you want Jesus to draw closer to you? Or do you push him away because you want to keep him at arm’s length? Do you sometimes wonder about what and why you believe? Basically, none of us is ever really going to know about Jesus until we ask him to come and “stay” with us (literally “abide” with us). There is something about inviting Jesus to come and stay in our lives that enables us to hear him more clearly and believe in him more passionately. He stands at the door and knocks. Will you invite him in to abide with you so you may learn more from him? (Cf. Revelation 3:20)

Today’s Prayer:

LORD God, the Almighty of Israel, please come live in my heart through faith and help me believe in you more passionately. Please abide in me, O God, for without your presence I would surely fail. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.