Rooted in Christ

Wisdom Hunter – Nov 9, 2017


“Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above.” (2Kgs 19:30)


For a tree to be healthy and bear fruit, the root system that is unseen is just as important as what can be seen above ground. Roots must grow deep and anchor the tree in rich soil, quite literally laying the groundwork for the fruit that is to come. This is true of the plant kingdom, and it is true of the spiritual life.


The mistake we often make is attending to one or the other, seeking either a healthy internal and private life with God, or engaging fully in active love and care for others with little attention to our personal spiritual health. Rather than this “either/or” approach, it is essential that you and I embrace a “both/and” spiritually.


We must be men and women who, like the remnants in Judah, take root below. In times of cultural change and division, when society seems to be fracturing and splintering in countless ways, we must like the ancient people of God learn to root ourselves in Him. We must seek to find our rest, identity, and hope in the Lord so that we can stand firm when storms come our way. Being rooted in Christ is needed for when times are tough, and we are pressed to the brink, feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or fear.


Like a fruit tree bursting with life amid a drought, we are invited to live as light in the darkness, bringing hope where there is despair, love where there is hatred, and life where there is death. If we neglect the root system of our faith, we will be unprepared and unable to meet the needs of our broken world. We will lack the strength and fortitude to join Christ on His great mission of healing and redemption. Let’s be the kind of Christian that bears great fruit for God’s kingdom.